Method Statement for Construction of Groove Texture on Retaining Wall Surface

This method statement has been written by the writer during a duty as a Site Engineer in a construction of 40 storey luxury condominium at Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.

1.0. Objective

The objective of this statement is to outline the work method for the construction of groove line to Western Retaining Wall.

2.0. Scope of Works

The works is limited to the Western Retaining Wall from Ch. 0.00m to Ch.192m and between the Top of Suspended Driveway and Top of Retaining Wall.

3.0. References

a) Project Quality Plan
b) SD / Grooveline / 01 Groove Line Detail
c) SD / Grooveline / 02 R.C. Retaining Wall between Gridline A and B
d) PVC Beads / Groove Products Sheet
e) TY Lin’s drawing RD-4, 80 17 Road Reserve Profile (This drawing is not attached herewith in this statement)

4.0. Resources

4.1. Material

a) Ordinary Portland Cement to BS 12
b) Sand shall be clean, free from clay and other impurities and to BS 1199: 1976
c) PVC - Groove SC 1550

4.2. Machineries / Tools / Equipment

Concrete Mixer 1
Wheel barrel 2
Trowel -
Plumb -

4.3. Manpower

Supervisor 1
Carpenter 1
Skill Workers 4
Unskill Workers 3

5.0. Methodology

Plastering Work Instruction

5.1. Roughen the surface of retaining wall by means of axe.

5.2. Prepare the level peg on the surface of retaining wall by using the motar mixture (1 part of OPC and 3 parts of sand). Size of each level peg is 50mm × 50mm × 15mm high @ 1.5m apart in both directions.

5.3. Apply the base plaster on the surface of retaining wall. The thickness of base plaster approximately between the ranges of 12mm ~ 15mm thick.

5.4. Surveyor will mark the reference of vertical straight line on the surface of the plastered retaining wall. Base on the reference line marked by surveyor, carpenter will measure the distance from the reference line to obtain the rest of the vertical straight line and mark it on the surface of retaining wall.

5.5. The PVC U-Groove SC1550 shall be fixed on the surface of retaining wall with guidance from the marking line that were made on the surface of retaining wall previously. Make sure to check the verticality in plane for each of PVC-Groove which being fixed. Don’t forget to seal the PVC U-Groove with masking tape to avoid the PVC U-Groove being damaged during the plastering works are carried out.

5.6. Finally apply the finishing plaster coating at the gap between 2 PVC U-Groove.

6.0. Inspection

All inspection and testing shall be in accordance to the Inspection and Test Plan.

6.1. Receiving Inspection and Testing

Materials Receiving Inspection Checklist shall be carried out on the Delivery Order / Purchase Order and recorded on Form

6.2. Concrete Surface Preparation Inspection

The surface to receive motar shall be free from dirt. Any loose concrete shall be removed.

6.3 In-Process Inspection and Testing

The mixture shall be mixed thoroughly until the motar are uniform and trowellable.

6.4. Final Inspection and Testing

The inspection will be conducted visually.


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